Wednesday, June 10, 2009

six month doctor appointment

I took Jacob for his 6 month doctor appointment this morning. He did really well.

They nurse brought me back and asked the usual questions about how he is doing and then took his measurements. He weighed in at 17 lbs even and was 26 inches long. His head circumference was 44 cm. He is the 25th percentile for length, 45th for weight, and 50th for head.

Then Dr. Wynalda came in and we talked about his eating habits. He said we should start feeding him two to three meals a day of solids. Meals can consist of as much or as little as Jacob wants so even when he only takes a few bites we can count that as a meal. He also said we can introduce meats to his diet now. I think we will stick with just the cereals, fruits, and vegetables for awhile longer though, until he has tried more of a variety of them. We also got the go ahead to start giving him water. He was very happy that I wanted to give him water and not juice. He said we didn't need to be starting any bad habits So we will probably introduce him to his sippy cup soon. I can't wait, as he is just in love with cups.

Then Dr. Wynalda examined him. He couldn't believe how calm and happy Jacob was. He said most babies are squawking at him by that point in time. Jacob just smiled and played with the little bracelet he gave him to distract him. He said he looked great and was doing really well. He had him sit up supported and pass the bracelet from hand to hand to make sure he was meeting all the physical developments that he was supposed to -- and he is!

After that, the nurse came back in and he got his vaccines. He got the rotovirus which he drank - and proceeded to spit up a good deal of it. Then he got three pokes in his legs. They were all the same ones he has had before at 2 months and at 4 months. He cried/fussed for MAYBE a minute when it happened and then he was back to smiling. When I went to check out the lady at the desk saw he was 6 months and asked me if he had shots. She couldn't believe that he had because of how happy he was! What a trooper.

We go back again on September 9th, at 9 months. He doesn't have to have any shots at that appointment

on our way out the door

getting weighed

17 lbs

getting his head measured

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