Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nine Months

Jacob is now nine months old. Even as I write it, I can't believe it. Time is going by so quickly. He is already 3/4 of a year old!

Stats: Matt weighed and measured Jacob on September 5th and he weighed in at 20lbs and measured 26.5 inches long. We did not get a head measurement this month. He goes in for his 9 month check-up tomorrow on 09/09/09. (Kinda funny, if you ask me!)

Teeth: Jacob is now the proud owner of THREE teeth. His first broke through mid-August. He has both of his front top teeth and the right bottom tooth. The left bottom tooth is working its way in currently but has yet to break through the gums.

Movements: Jacob has been sitting for a few months now but has gotten very stable now. He no longer topples over to the side when he is sitting up. He has also been putting himself in the sitting position by pulling up on things. Once or twice he has done it from laying down as well. He continues to mostly Army Crawl but did start regular crawling this month as well. He mostly army crawls on the carpet and gets up on his knees when he's on tile or hard wood. He also does what I call "the monkey walk" on tile and hard wood floors. What he does is stick his butt way up in the air and walk on his hands and feet. It's pretty funny to watch and I should try to get a video of it sometime. He has also been pulling himself up on things. Mostly just me at the moment but also his bookshelf, his activity center toy, and lower tables. It is amazing how well he moves now.

Food: Jacob continues to eat a variety of stage 2 baby food. He also continues to be an excellent nurser. This month, once his teeth broke through, we also introduced him to puffs. They are like flavored, very airy cheerios. He loves them! He also enjoys feeding himself for a change. At first it was pretty funny to watch him attempt to get the puffs into his mouth but he now seems to have mastered it.

New Activities: This month we took both Jacob and Charlie to the beach for the first time. It actually went well. It was a beautiful day and the water in Lake Michigan was actually warm! Hard to believe! Jacob enjoyed sitting in the sand (and trying to eat the sand!) and also wading out in the water with Mama. Charlie also enjoyed the beach. He swam, chased other dogs, and even peed on this poor guy's chair! We were so embarrassed but luckily we were at a dog beach so everyone there was a dog lover :-)

Words: Jacob continues to explore new sounds. He still mostly says "bababa" and "dadada." He also says "ah-ba," "fffff," "blah," and various sounds with his tongue and mouth that I can't possibly recreate with letters/words. He enjoys imitating sounds that we do.

The End: I suppose that is all the update I have for this month. Like I said earlier, we see the doctor tomorrow so I will likely update again soon! Enjoy a few pictures from this month.


first trip to the beach 08.15.09




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