Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jordan's Dr Appt & Jacob's 22 Month Update

I keep meaning to update this and run out of energy or time. Or both. So here goes.

Jordan's doctors appointment went well. We brought him in on Monday, October 4 for his well baby check up. He had well surpassed his birth weight which was wonderful! His weight was 6 lbs 14 oz which put him at 20% for weight. He was still 18.5 inches (10%) and had a head circumference of 34cm (20%). He is doing well. We saw Dr. Lawrence. He is the doctor who was on call and saw Jacob in the hospital :-) He said Jordan looks wonderful and healthy. He is so healthy, in fact, that he does not need to go to the next appointment where they mostly check for jaundice because he was at almost zero risk for it. Woohoo! And I do know what to look for and will take him in if he shows signs of it. He does not need to go back until he is 2 months old, however, we will be bringing him in for periodic weight checks I think.

Nursing is going well after going to a breastfeeding support group last Tuesday and getting some minor tweaks to try. I also was given a recommendation for a cream for the pain which my doctor prescribed for me with no problems. It has been helping a lot. Jordan continues to be super sleepy but I am trying not to stress about it. He is gaining and that is all we can hope for. He does not meet the recommended 8 feedings a day most days and he has a hard time staying awake for a full feeding but I know it's only temporary. As long as I can keep up my supply, which I have been able to thus far, we should be okay once he gets over this hump. (Hence the weight checks we are planning on)

Jacob is loving being a big brother. He is constantly checking on, petting, and kissing his baby brother. I think he's pretty bored with him though since he can't play with him yet. I keep telling him that some day it will get more interesting. Some day I will say something other than "Baby is sleeping" or "Baby is eating" :-)

Jacob turned 22 months old on Tuesday, October 5th. He is now 31.4 lbs and just shy of 34 inches tall. (Which is a big growth spurt for him because mid-September he was 32 inches!! That and some of his clothes are suddenly too small!) It isn't our imagination that he is bigger. He has been such a trouble-maker lately! We are quickly approaching 2! Yikes!!!! Jacob's biggest things lately have been puzzles (which he does awesome with), buckles (if there's a buckle in the house he WILL buckle it!), and animals. He has quite a collection now of animal toys and he is constantly playing with them. He loves to imitate the sounds that they make. He loves to imitate anything that we do or say. It's very funny. His vocabulary is quickly growing, though a lot of his words sound exactly the same. He repeats, or tries to, anything we ask him to say. We are still working on him putting together two words. He really struggles with that and usually just picks out one of the words we tell him to say. He can say a few two word things but they are all things that go together in one thought (like "thank you" or "bless you") and not actually two words (like "more please") We'll keep working.

That's about all the update for now.

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