Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Three Year Old Preschool

Jacob finished his first year of preschool on May 23rd. His last day was a field trip to Playworld where he had a blast. Parents and siblings were allowed to go so we all went. 

Date: 05.23.13
School: Treasure Tree
Teacher: Mrs. D. and Mrs. DeKlyne

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up: A doctor and a farmer . But I’m afraid when I be a farmer the pigs will jump out of the mud and knock me in the mud.
What is Your Favorite Color: blue
What is Your Favorite Movie: all of the movies!
What is Your Favorite Book:  When I get to read Brown Bear to Jordy. Peanut Butter Rhino.
What is Your Favorite Toy: the toy story ball and my super heroes
What is Your Favorite Song You Learned: All of them. 
Who is Your Best Friend: Brianna
What was the best thing about preschool: playing on the playground
What Was Preschool Like: Playing at Grandma’s and playing at Lolo’s and Papa’s. It was fun. I learned lots.
What Was Your Teacher Like: She is like Lolo because she helped me learn. She was nice and smart.
What Was Your Favorite Thing About Mrs. D: When she says I can play.
What Was Your Favorite Thing About Mrs. DeKlyne: When she says it’s snack time. 

You can compare answers from the beginning of the year here.

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