Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Date With Jordan

It's obvious that Jordan's been feeling a little left out and neglected lately so I decided to have a special date with him on Saturday. Just the two of us. He got to decide everything we did. We both had a lot of fun.

We started the date with a trip to the mall. First stop, the carousel. He chose a cat to ride on. 

After the carousel he wanted to go to the play area to play. That wasn't much of a date since the point was spending time together but he wanted to do it so we did. We didn't stay there too long. 

It was lunch time. I told Jordan we could eat anywhere he wanted to and he chose the food court at the mall. So we ended up having a hot dog from A&W (his choice!) We sat next to the carousel so we could watch everyone ride. It was a painfully LONG lunch break. 

The kid sure knows how to have a good time. After lunch he wanted to go BACK to the play area but I managed to convince him to leave the mall. We headed over to Craig's Cruisers to play mini golf. It was his first time there and my first time in about ten years! He had a great time playing despite some unfortunate people both in front and behind us as we played. We ended up getting tired and left before we finished all 18 holes. 

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