Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jacob - 20 Months

Jacob turned 20 months old on August 5th. He has grown so much!! He weighs about 30 lbs now.

Some new things he says are:
Grapes - bway
Doggie - daw-dee
Hi Kitty - hi didee/hi gidee
Hi Doggie – hi dawdee/ hi daddy
Bad Doggie - ba daw dee
Milk - meh
Birdie – bah-dee
Bee - bee
Baby - baby/bebe
Cheese - bees
Peas - bees
Bread - ba
Banana - Bada
Book - bah
Ball - bah
Bye-Bye - bah-bah (with waving)
I'm Hungry - num-num

That's all I can think of right now but the list goes on and on and on. He likes to say Hi and ByeBye to everyone we see - unless, of course, they say it to him first. Then he acts shy. Stinker.

He still loves to play with his cars/trains/trucks and to read books. He also loves to put things in piles -- he'll take all the books off his shelf and pile them up or all the magnets from his board in a pile. He loves to climb and his favorite place to climb up on is his booster seat to eat and Mommy & Daddy's bed. I made the mistake of showing him how to get up there one day!

He is also on the verge of potty training. He pees in the potty usually at least once a day now. He has pooped in there once. When he is finished, he opens the lid to the big toilet so we can dump it in there, then he flushes, and closes the lid. So cute! He really is very observant.

He still doesn't like to keep his shoes on in the car, only he now usually takes both off. He has very stinky feet!!!

He's still on a once a day nap schedule, right after lunch. He sleeps an average of 1.5 to 2 hours. He is slowly attempting to push his bedtime from 8pm to 9.30 pm. No thanks! He no longer drinks a bottle before bedtime.

In the last month Jacob had his first dentist appointment, his first time to Binder Park Zoo where he got to feed giraffes for the first time, his first time to Gun Lake, and his first ear infection. What a busy month for him!!


  1. Rylee saw these pictures and she wants Jacob to come visit her now haha.

  2. He is so cute I love the Giraffe feedings Kaia was scared the first time but since then has asked to feed them every time we go to the zoo.


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