Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Little Helper

Jacob is becoming such a big helper around the house. He is especially great about helping out with the animals.

Every time he goes into the laundry room, he thinks he needs to feed the cat (reason #123528 that we try to keep the door closed at all times!) Unfortunately she is on a strict diet and can only be fed twice a day. We keep the measuring cup right in her bag of food. He scoops out the food for me (sometimes he does well, other times I have to add or subtract some of it) and then he pours it into her dish.

If he happens to notice that Charlie's food bowl is empty he will also let me know. Just the other day he came running around the corner saying "num num! num num!" I thought he wanted his milk out of the fridge but when I looked down, he was carrying Charlie's empty food bowl. He takes the bowl from it's holder and we go over to the closet where we keep his food. When I open the closet and the container of food, Jake sets the bowl on the floor and waits for me to pour the scoop in, then he picks the bowl back up and brings it back to the dish holder and puts it in there.

It really is quite adorable when he does things like this.


  1. That is adorable! It's so sweet that he wants to help.

  2. So cute!! Love it when they help out, it just floors me sometimes how much they understand! :)


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