Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Elf Adventures

This is the first year we have had an Elf on the Shelf in our home. He arrived the day after Thanksgiving in a package from the North Pole. He brought Santa hooded towels for the boys with him as well. We decided not to have our elf do naughty things for two reasons -- #1 - I'd have to be the one to clean up the messes he made and #2 (most importantly) we didn't want our kids to think it was cute/funny/okay to do naughty things. So we just played the hide him in a different spot every day thing instead. We had fun with it. We did have a few days without him after a particularly naughty day but he did come back and spend the rest of the holiday season at our house. The boys named him Thomas. 

 sitting in our lamp

hanging from the ceiling fan

sitting on the bananas (the boys thought this was hysterical)

sitting on the shelf eating Jake's skittles

 on top of our Christmas tree

hanging upside down in the flowers on our shelf

 hiding in the boys' stuffed animals with a note for Jake for his bad behavior

in Jake's stocking

On the shelf dressed up as a pirate for Jake's birthday party

Riding on mom's giraffe

wishing Jacob a happy birthday

Thomas wants us to take Charlie for a walk - he is hanging from the leash holder

hanging upside down in the pantry

Thomas built a marshmallow snowman in the freezer. Matt thought he might be cold so I made him a scarf and some earmuffs

sitting in the boys kleenex holder in their bedroom

hanging from the light - this is the day he left us

Thomas returned! Hiding in a very obvious spot on our shelf so he'd be easy to find on his return

shaving in the boys bathtub

on top of our kitchen cabinet

hiding in the Christmas tree

Thomas spelled the boys' names with Cheerios and he hid in the blinds

Locked out! Peeking in the front door window

hiding in the plant in the boys' bathroom

On top of the kitchen cabinets with a countdown note

on top of the boys' new Christmas tree in Jake's room

hiding in the lemon plant

Thomas wrapped himself up and hid in the Christmas book box

Thomas' last day! Sitting on top of the TV with a goodbye note.

What a fun new tradition! See you again next season, Thomas!

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  1. Love ALL the places he went and things he did. Such a fun activity.


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