Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Although Easter is my very favorite holiday, this year's Easter weekend was kind of a bummer for our family. 

Friday started with me at work feeling absolutely terrible and like I was going to pass out at any moment. Matt had to come and pick me up (an ordeal because he had dropped his car off to be fixed the night before!) and we spent a few hours in OB triage hooked up to the monitors. Everything looked great with Baby Nemo and in the end they decided I just needed to eat and drink more, although they really aren't certain the cause. We came home to discover that Jake had pink eye! 

Saturday I stayed home from work and felt terrible basically all day again. Matt also woke up with a mild case of pink eye. He went to the doctor and got drops for Jake's eyes. I did manage to muster up enough energy to hide Easter eggs for the boys while they were napping. When they woke up, they did their egg hunt in our living room and we gave them their baskets. Jake said "This was a GREAT Easter!" 

Jordan received: Color Wonder finger painting kit, frosted animal crackers, The Land Before Time DVD, Easter book, 101 Dalmatian socks, Candy Land band-aids. 
Jake received: soccer ball, Easter book, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything DVD, frosted animal crackers, Simba socks, Candy Land band-aids
Together they received: big tub of animal crackers, Worship songs CD

Saturday night Jordan woke us up to vomit all over his bed. 

Sunday I was back to work and felt a bit better. I'm still dizzy but it's improving. Matt was home with the boys and Jordan was running a fever and throwing up throughout the day. When I got home from work his fever broke so we went to Matt's parent's house for Easter dinner and another egg hunt. The dinner was delicious (ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, green beans) I am ashamed to say how much I ate! After dinner, the boys hunted for eggs in the basement. They had a lot of fun. 

Today, thankfully, Jordan woke up fever free! We'll see if we can keep everyone on the road to recovery over here! Despite the sicknesses, we are still counting our blessings! The Lord is Risen! Hallelujah!!! 

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