Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jordan: Two and a Half!

I didn't realize until today but Jordan is now two and a half years old! Here's a peek at who he is. 

Weight: about 24-25 lbs!!
Size: a few 18 month things, mostly 24 months or 2T
Favorite Food: polka dot cheese sticks (colby jack), granola bars, grapes, fruit. He WILL NOT eat a vegetable to save his life. 
Words: He says EVERYTHING!! He talks in full sentences and even uses correct grammar sometimes. He always says yours regardless of the context ("I'm going to eat yours bread") 
Favorite Books: Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?, Peanut Butter Rhino, Today Is Monday, Five Little Monkeys
Favorite Toys: puzzles - he's getting very good at them!
Accomplishments: He knows lots of songs, he sang in the choir at church, he can hold a pencil/crayon the correct way

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