Saturday, March 8, 2014

Quillan Isaiah: Nine & Ten Months Old

Quillan (Quilly BooBoo) is now ten months old. He weighs around 17-18 lbs (17 at doctor's office, 18 at home) and is 28 inches long. He wears mostly size 9 or 12 month clothes. He is still mostly bald with a few reddish strands coming in. His eyes are still blue. 

He eats lots of different foods, pretty much anything except peanut butter, honey, and desserts. He likes almost everything he tries. He still nurses for the majority of his meals. And he nurses to fall asleep at night. He likes soothies pacifiers. He sleeps through the night almost every night (unless he's teething or doesn't feel well) and still sleeps on his belly in his crib. 

He crawls all over the place and is getting pretty fast at it. He pulls up on everything. You can tell he wants to be able to stand/walk but isn't there yet (whew!) He has learned to climb stairs though. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth! We have to watch him constantly. He does lots of babbling but no real words yet. He says "bababa" "dadada" "mmm" "aaaa" "ttttthhhhhh" and lots of other noises. He loves to play by banging things. He smiles and laughs all the time. He's a very very easy going baby! 

 Over the last two months he has cut his first two teeth! The two bottoms in front (central incisors) He's been sick almost the entire two months with a snotty nose and on and off cough. I brought him to the doctor for a suspected UTI at the end of last month but that was negative, thankfully. 

He's tried lots of new foods, including macaroni, strawberries, pancakes, cucumbers, pickles, meatloaf, blueberry banana baby food, spinach, scrambled eggs, sausage, green beans, tator tot casserole, grapes. He also snuck a bite of his brother's peanut butter and jelly sandwich (no allergy!) and an M&M. Sneaky boy! He was quite pleased with himself after tasting the M&M. 

Last month he went swimming at the Y for the first time as well as went into their daycare for the first time. He did great being left there. He also got to visit the Great Wolf Lodge earlier this week (more on this later) For now, I will leave you with some pictures of the past two months. 


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