Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I am a Bad Mom

This post is inspired by a post written by Life With Levi. Her post was inspired by some comments on her facebook page regarding the way she is raising her son.

It seems as moms we are prone to judgement. Everybody has an opinion about the way we are raising our children. And the only opinion that matter is our own. As long as our children are happy and loved and we are proud of the decisions we are making, nobody else's opinions matter. 

Here are the reasons why I am a bad mom. 

I am a bad mom because....

I got an epidural during my first labor and delivery

I didn't get an epidural with my second

Both my boys are circumcised

I co-slept with Jordan

I exclusively breastfed both boys and never used formula

I breastfed Jordan for 19 months

I bought store-bought baby food for Jacob

I started Jacob on "solid" food (cereal) at only 4 months old

I waited until 6 months to start Jordan on food

I never gave Jordan cereal or baby food, he started on "real" food at six months old

I use cloth diapers

I also use disposable diapers sometimes.

I let my kids watch TV and movies

I don't play with my kids very often, they play by themselves

I work outside of the home. I went back to work when Jacob was 2 months old and Jordan was 3 months old

I took pictures of my kids every day of the first year of their life

Jacob's baby book is more filled out than Jordan's is. Neither one is completely done. 

I have a favorite child. It isn't always the same one. 

I buy my kids second-hand clothes and toys.

I let my kids wear clothes that are stained. Or mis-matched. 

I used a pacifier with both my boys. My almost 2 year old still uses a pacifier.

I spank my kids and put them in time out when other methods don't work. 

I don't make them pick up their toys every day. 

I don't clean my house nearly enough.

I put Jacob in a forward facing car seat at 1 year.

Jordan is still rear facing at almost 2 years and will be for awhile

I don't make good food for them very often. 

I let my kids eat fast food and sometimes candy. 

Sometimes I give in to them just because I don't want to hear them cry. 

I don't make my oldest take a nap every day. 

I sometimes take a nap on the couch while my oldest watches TV or a movie.

I shower with my kids. 

I don't bathe or clean my kids every day. 

I don't make my kids wash their hands before they eat. 

I only brush their teeth once a day. 

I read to my kids every night before bed. 

I tell my kids "no" frequently. 

My kids believe in Santa. 

My kids know there is no Easter Bunny. 

I use bribes and threats. 

I hug and kiss my kids every day. I tell them I love them every day. 

I let my kids try to do things for themselves. 

I get frustrated easily and yell too often. 

But you know what.... I'm still a good mom. And so are you. I do not need to justify or defend any of my decisions. I am the only one who knows how to raise my children. And so far, I am doing an okay job. 



  1. I love this post. I can relate to most of your list, only because I only have one kiddo until April. I'm so tired of the Mommy wars bs...

  2. You are a great mom and should always be proud of yourself. It's the TOUGHEST job you will ever have and you are handling it so well. They are kind and loving, smart and articulate, and very, very happy. I say "Job well done!" LLH

  3. Love your list. I'm "guilty" of a lot of the same things. Do people really bathe their kids daily? lol.

    Thanks for linking up!!

  4. I only have 1 kid who is now 16. However I can relate to MOST of your list and hey she's turning out just fine. Keep up the good work mom.

  5. LOVE this list!! I like how you put contrasting things down, epidural then no epidural. Because unfortunately, there are mommy wars on every single statement you put down.


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