Saturday, September 22, 2012

Silly Saturday 9/22/12

The Hulk
Matt and I were cleaning up the kitchen while the kids were playing. We heard a huge crash in the living room followed by another huge crash. We held our breaths while we waited for Jordan to start crying. He didn't. We walked in there and he was standing by the couch and our coffee table was upside down on the other side of the living room! Little Hulk!

Pizza Man
Jake and I walked into Hungry Howies and Jake walked right up the counter and says "I like cheese pizza!"
Then when we went back to pick it up he goes "Hey, is our pizza ready yet?" OMG.

Smelling Sweet
While I was in the shower, the boys woke up and came into the bathroom, found Matt's deodorant, and rubbed it ALL OVER themselves. At least they smelled really good!

Trash Talking
We had to bring the boys to our Relay For Life planning meeting last week. While we were there, one of the girls calmly said "Just FYI, your child is licking the trash can.... he's still cute though!" Sure enough, there was Jordan!

And, then there's this picture I saw on facebook. I laughed WAY too hard when I saw it!

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  1. What a cute post! I love it! He certainly is a hulk! Love the pizza man one,lol. My little guy does this with the deodorant all the time too! Oh my goodness- I would have been what he's licking the garbage. What cute laughs! I LOVE IT!!!


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