Monday, September 17, 2012

Jordan's 2 Year Check-Up

I took Jordan in to the doctor today for his 2 year check-up. He weighed in at a lowly 21 lbs there (clothed!) and was 33 inches tall. He is the 20th percentile for height, which is about where he's been, but as predicted he dropped from the growth chart for weight. He is less than 3rd percentile for his weight. The doctor wasn't overly concerned and neither am I. He does want him to come in in another three months for a weight check though.

He said he may have some underlying issues such as a malabsorption issue or even possibly Crohn's disease or colitis or something, judging by his low weight and the frequent amount of stools he has each day. However, generally with those conditions you would see blood in the stool as well as complaints of stomach pain, which we have not noticed. He said it could just be that he's going to be a thin kid and this is his new normal. So we'll just watch and see. In the meantime I am to try to give him extra calories when possible. He gave me a recipe for high calorie chocolate milk and Jordan gobbled down his first glass when we got home. He's back on whole milk instead of skim for awhile now too.

Otherwise, he checked out perfectly healthy with no concerns. I did forget to ask about him wanting to eat dog food but he hasn't been doing that as often anymore so that's okay.

The doctor was very impressed with his language and says he's at about a three year old level for speaking. We skipped vaccines this time because he's been sick with a cold and low grade fever.

He goes back in for a three year appointment next September and a weight check in December (we're bringing him for Jake's 4 year appointment in December) We'll be catching him up on his vaccines at that time too, granted he's not sick then.

Overall it was a good appointment and Jordan is still a healthy little boy. (Emphasis on the little!)  :-)

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