Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jordan's Construction Themed 2nd Birthday Party

It's been awhile but Jordan's birthday party was a success. I was way over-stressed about the whole thing. Lesson learned: there is no reason to go "all out" for a party. The kids have fun regardless of the details. I'll keep that in mind for next time. 

We had a construction theme for him. I decorated with construction caution tape, construction cones, dump trucks, and orange, brown, and yellow balloons. Matt made a construction barricade out of his saw horse and put that out by our sidewalk. We also lined our sidewalk with construction cones. 

the cones blew down in the wind!

Matt made this banner from VistaPrint

I had gas cans for the drinks (don't worry, they were brand new and clean!) and they were labeled with gas signs for "Regular," "Unleaded," and "Premium." The food was also labeled. We served sandwiches (there was a sign that read "{Sandwich} Construction Zone" above where the sandwich supplies were), macaroni and cheese (pipes), pretzel sticks (logs), grapes (boulders), chocolate donuts (spare tires), and licorice (ropes). I made signs for all the food except the licorice, which was a last minute idea on Matt's part and I ran out of time to make the sign. The food was served in dump trucks. 

For the cake, I combined several ideas I found on Pinterest. I made a simple rectangle cake in a 9x13 pan. I decorated it by making a 2 shaped road with chocolate buttercream frosting. Then I piped "grass" around it. I bought construction cone candles and added those onto the road as well as a couple small construction vehicles. I also used a spoon to scoop out part of the cake (before it was frosted) and had the digger truck digging into the cake. I topped that area with broken up cake crumbs and oreo crumbs to look like dirt. I think it turned out pretty cute. And the best part was it didn't take me very long to do!

The guest of honor wore his dump truck t-shirt. I also bought a construction vest that he kept on for a short time. And he wore his hard hat only for the picture :-)

The party itself was very nice. There were few guests which was perfect because it was not rushed at all. Jordan actually got to PLAY with his things as he opened them. It was perfect! He got lots of nice gifts. And he was a very happy boy -- except when Jacob was trying to take over his toys -- then the pouty face came out! Sooooo cute and funny! 

there's that pouty face!

"Help me, Mommy!" (after he intentionally put the net on his foot... goof!)

Thanks Uncle Buddy!

Lolo had to hold Jake back for awhile so Jordan could enjoy his new things

This book was a big hit with both boys

Bat Mobile! Jordan needs to work on steering. He kept running into everything and still trying to go

Jake was happy to get a turn

After presents, it was time for cake. As soon as I set the cake down on the table in front of Jordan and even as the words "Don't touch" were coming out of my mouth, his fingers were in the frosting. Oh well! We sang Happy Birthday and he tried to blow out the candles. That was a sight! It took several tries -- and some help from Daddy! I decided to only light two of the candles since he's only two and hey, who wants baby spit all over their cake? 

This is what I get when I tell him to smile. Nice look, buddy!

trying to blow the candles out

still trying...

still trying....

all his birthday presents! thanks everybody!

It was a very fun party but it was too much work. I was one exhausted Mama when it was over! 

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