Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jordan Matthew: TWO years old!

My BABY boy is now a two year old. I'm not sure how it happened. He turned two almost a week ago now. I had wanted to write a big post about who he is at this age, like I did for Jacob, but life got in the way as usual. So here's just a basic update on him instead.

Weight: 22-23 lbs, depending on the day
Height: 33 inches
Size: Mostly 18 month. He can fit into some 24 month but they are usually a bit big, especially pants. Pants are incrediably hard to fit him in because he's almost too long for 18 month pants but 24 month pants fall off of him. 
Favorite Food: He has been in an anti-eating kick again lately. He likes cheese, olives, fishies, chocolate milk
New Accomplishments: He's been doing pretty good with going potty on the potty, he goes at least once almost every day. He copies everything anybody does or he hears about. He can "sing" a few songs. 
Likes: balls, cars and trucks, his block, his pacifier, being thrown, being tickled, books, playing peekaboo, climbing, blocks, swinging, sitting on his potty, flushing the potty, balloons, music and dancing, slides, candy
Dislikes: when Jake takes something he was playing with, being held when he wants down or being set down when he wants to be held (aka not getting his way), Halloween decorations ("scary!"), sitting in the cart at the store

Birthday: On Jordan's second birthday, I was able to stay home from work! I made shaped pancakes for the boys for breakfast. Lolo and Papa came to get Jacob. We took Jordan out shopping {because his loser mom didn't buy him a birthday present! Ahh!} but he couldn't find anything he liked. We went to the mall and he rode on the carousel and played at the play area. He had a blast! Then we had to go grocery shopping - boring! We came home and he took a nap. When he woke up, we went to pick up Jake at Lolo and Papa's house. Since it was late, we ordered a pizza and ate dinner over there. When we got home from that, we tried to give Jordan his presents. He opened up a frog hooded towel from us and hated it so much he wouldn't open up the rest of his presents, so we saved them for his birthday party. Overall, I think he had a very nice day. 

Random Facts: 

  • He has no coping skills. If he's upset he pretty much just screams. 
  • He doesn't usually like to go to bed/nap but if you give him his block and paci he will lay down and sleep. He's really pretty good about it. 
  • He likes to be Mr. Independence. "I do it!" is one of his most common phrases. 
  • He thinks he's really funny.
  • He's good at puzzles. He can count. 1 2 3 4 3 is how he counts right now. He can sing along to parts of the alphabet. 
  • He likes to clap his hands to music.
  • His language and vocabulary are out of this world! Just the other day he put on mis-matched socks and when we said "Those aren't the same" he said "No, they're different" What??!
  • We tried to get rid of his pacifier but it was not happening. We will try again soon.
  • He thinks he's 3 years old. If you ask him how old he is, he always says 3. If you tell him he's not three, he'll tell you he's four instead. 
  • If you say "I love you" to him, he says "Love me"
  • We think he's pretty great 

Birthday Pictures: 

Last night as a one year old!

"That's too bright!" - Jordan

birthday pancakes

mmm, some of them had chocolate chips

waiting in line with his token to ride the carousel at the mall

on the carousel at the mall

Sneak Peak: 

And here's a sneak peak from his birthday party (which was today) 

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