Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jordan Matthew: 25 Months Old

Last week (10.30) Jordan turned 25 months old. Here's a quick peek at who he is at this age. 

Weight: 22-23 lbs, depending on the day
Height: I did not measure him
Size: 18 month, 24 month, some 2T
Favorite Food: cheese sticks
Words: EVERYTHING!! I can't think of anything new though. He talks in full sentences and even uses proper grammar sometimes ("I do it" instead of "Me do it" for example) He is funny and when we say "I love you" to him he says "Love me" 
New Accomplishments: He can count to four, He says "ABC Now sing with me" so cute!!, He knows basically all the colors, he's been good about going pee on his potty and now says he's going pee (he used to call pee poop and poop pee) but he's still using his diapers to poop - he will mostly tell us when he goes now though because he wants to be changed right away, we are working on weaning him from his pacifier

Random Facts:
  • He has been having "temper tantrums" lately. Boo. 
  • He loves to swing and likes to "go real real high"
  • He copies EVERYTHING his brother does and says. He does EVERYTHING Jake tells him to do as well. 
  • He responds pretty well to 1-2-3 discipline but he will not budge until you get to 2. He will let you know if he is unhappy as well. 

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