Monday, September 30, 2013

Jordan Matthew: Three Years!

Three years ago, Jordan unexpectedly joined our family. He has kept us on our toes and warmed our hearts ever since! Words cannot express how much we love him. Here is a quick peek at who he is at three years old.

Height: 36 1/4 inches
Weight: 28 lbs

What is your name:  Jordan
How old are you:  3
What’s your favorite color? green 
Who is your best friend? Mommy
What’s your favorite animal? Giraffes. No no I like elephants.
What do you want to be when you’re all grown up? A lion.
What’s your favorite movie?  Harry and the Hendersons
What’s your favorite book?  The Turtle one (Little Green Turtle) and I like Pinocchio. (He also really likes I Love You Through and Through, Peanut Butter Rhino, Brown Bear, Today is Monday, The Very Busy Spider, Head to Toe, I Love You Stinky Face and nursery rhymes)
What makes you happy? Mommy. Jakey. Daddy.
What makes you sad? When Jakey pushes me down. Guns.
What’s your most favorite food to eat? Steak (He also likes "polka dot" cheese sticks)
What’s your favorite song to sing? Mickey Mouse
What games  do you like to play? The bug one (Cootie – which we just got the day before) Guess Who
What do you want for your birthday dinner? Originally said spaghetti but ended up wanting a bowl of cheerios

Birthday Dinner

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