Monday, September 9, 2013

Quillan Isaiah: Four Months

Quillan is now four months old, as of September 2nd. He weighs in at a hefty 15 lbs and is 24.5 inches long. His head circumference is 17 1/4 inches. He wears mostly 3 month or 3-6 month clothes. He has outgrown almost all of his 0-3 month clothes now. He still does not fit into his size 1 shoes. He can fit into a size 2 disposable diaper and the smallest setting on his one size cloth diapers. Which is good because I was not liking the newborn diapers this time around. He is still mostly bald and I still cannot decide what color the little hair he does have is. It is a blondish reddish color so it will be interesting to see what it becomes. His eyes are still blue and clear as crystal.

Quillan is a very happy little boy. He smiles almost all the time. He loves looking at people's faces and he always smiles or laughs when Jacob talks gibberish to him. He seems to really love Jacob more than most people - he had the biggest smile on his face when he saw Jacob after we picked him up from his first day of school. It was adorable. He has laughed a few times but his laughs are still hard to come by. The first time he laughed was August 24th. We were at the pool and he was laying on the lounge chair with me. I said "Oh, wait a minute" and he laughed. It wasn't anything funny but whatever works! I couldn't get him to do it again though, sadly. I'm looking forward to the days of baby belly laughs. My favorite!

Quillan is still 100% breastfed which makes me very happy. I have been able to keep up my supply even with working 12 hour days. I don't watch the clock but he seems to eat every 3-4 hours when I'm home. I'm not sure how often he takes a bottle when I am gone. I know some days it seems like all he does is eat.

He's doing pretty well with sleeping, too. Most nights he wakes up once and it is usually at either 3am or 5am. The last several nights he has slept all night though. He still sleeps on his belly in his crib and he still moves around constantly. On occasion he will flip himself onto his back at night and then he is most unhappy and cries for us to come and move him back. He usually naps two or three times during the day. He will take a short morning nap, a longer afternoon nap, and a short evening nap. Every day is different though and we just tend to go with the flow with him.

This month Quillan has started sucking his thumb. I have tried to stop him from doing this by pulling his thumb out of his mouth and offering a pacifier instead. It has worked for the most part but sometimes when he is really tired he will still use his thumb. Quillan really found his hands this past month and they have been in his mouth every since. He also appears to be in the very early start of teething, trying to chew on anything he can find. He's been drooling constantly too. We've had to get the bibs out and change his clothes several times a day. He also recently found his feet and is always trying to stick his toes in his mouth as well.

He goes to the doctor for his check up and official measurements tomorrow. 

Here are a few pictures from the past month, August 2nd to September 2nd.

initiation into the boys' "hamrocker" club

Uncle Buddy

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