Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Glimpse of Jacob at 33 Months

Weight: I didn't weigh him again this month, I'm guessing around 34 lbs still
Height: I didn't measure him again this month
Favorite Food: yogurt, blue popsicles, blueberries, strawberries, baked beans
Favorite Toy: cars and trucks, mega bloks, playing that people got hurt and we have to rescue them
Frequent Phrases: "Let me show you what," "What?," "Why?," I don't know," "I want...," "I do it/Me do it,"  "I don't want to," "Can I help?," "Watch," "Come in here," "Play with me," "Why we can't?"
New Accomplishments: he does somersaults fairly straight, he can flip his legs over the top of the couch (he's not supposed to, but that doesn't stop him), he is completely potty trained except for at night but he usually waits until I get him up to go poop in the morning, he can draw straight lines, he can get his flip flop sandals on and off by himself, he undresses himself mostly except he sometimes can't get his shirts off
What We Did This Month: celebrated Lolo's birthday, celebrated Minnie's birthday, had to wear girl pull ups to bed (the store didn't have any boy ones :-x), went to the dentist, went to a picnic with Mom's work, got new spiderman jammies after Jordan moved into the nursery with him, got his first tattoo, went to the duck pond with Daddy, went with Lolo and Papa to their friend's cottage, met Emma and Tori
Likes: Spiderman ("pidermaaaaan"), going to the park, cars and trucks, blocks, reading, jumping, doing somersaults, golf, eating, Mater, picking out things for his birthday, tickles, Monsters Inc, dinosaurs, diggers, dump trucks, helping with laundry, coloring in the shower, going to the pool
Dislikes: taking naps, breakfast, sharing (sometimes), being sick - which he's been quite a lot lately, poor kid!

To Remember: 
How he pronounces Jordan = Gig-gin. He calls Jordan "Gig-gin," "Dig-gin," or "Babe"


And something fun to remember... My mom took Jake back to their house the other day. As they were leaving I said to Jake, "Don't miss me too much" He pulled the front door back open and said "Okay, I won't miss you!" Hehe, stinker!

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  1. OMG he is too cute for words! :) I love the pic of him and the duck! : Following your sweet blog! :) Erin


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