Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Partial Stash

Here's a picture of part of my diaper stash. They looked so pretty when I was folding them on laundry day (this was a double load!) that I couldn't resist a picture. What are your favorite diapers? 

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  1. I'm often tempted to take pictures of my diapers, too, because they are so pretty :)
    I love that you sort yours by color, so organized!
    My faves are FuzziBunz perfect size. Where did you get that giraffe print?

  2. So pretty! Like a bum-cover rainbow.
    I didn't do cloth diapering for my daughter, but I'm seriously thinking of doing it with our next, whenever that is.

  3. Oh gosh, SUPER jealous over here!! We use pf's and simple covers that I can find on sale on I've even made some of our own prefolds, winged prefolds and fitteds, but nothing cute like these. LOVE the pic!!!

  4. I happily used disposables when my children were little. 20 years ago I only had access to the awful old kind with giant pins and I was tired of poking myself and the babies.

  5. Forgot to mention! Thank you for the Follow and I'm glad to be Following you, too.


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