Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jordan Matthew: 20 Months

Weight: 23 lbs
Height: 32 inches
Size: He wears mostly 18 month clothes but can also wear some 12 month still (especially in pants) and some 24 months, though they usually look a bit big on him.
Favorite Food: He's been in kind of an anti-eating phase lately where he doesn't want to eat even his usual favorite foods. He's been enjoying fruit and gummies though, without fail. He loves to drink Propel Black Cherry flavored water. He is officially weaned from nursing!
Words: "Watch" "Help" "No" "Mom" "Dada" "Baba" (grandpa/grandma) "block" "down" "more" "milk" "eat" "yeah" "bath" "Shoe" He mimics almost everything we say.
New Accomplishments: He helps get himself dressed by putting his arms in shirts and legs in pants. He knows some animal sounds (dog, cat, cow, and duck) Climbed out of his crib so he got moved to a big boy bed and does well with it. Said two words together for the first time {"more eat"} Got tooth #13, #14, #15, and #16. Can open doors.
What We Did This Month: I never posted a 19 month update so this will be April & May. {April} Celebrated Easter, nursed for the last time, went for our first bike ride of the season, switched to a toddler bed from a crib. {May} Went to a baby shower at my work, Met Amanda {my cousin}, went to Relay For Life, went to the pool
Likes: balls, cars, food, being chased, baths, his block, his pacifier, his brother, music, dancing, being thrown, being tickled, books, playing peekaboo, climbing, blocks, drawing, doing things he knows he's not supposed to, playing in water, jumping in the pool and going down the slide, being outside, swinging, sitting on his potty
Dislikes: going inside, being held down, being touched by Jake, being told no, having his diaper changed, pineapple, spicy food

Random Fact: One thing he likes to do right now is stand up on his bed, say "watch" and then drop down on his butt. He thinks he's really funny when he does that. He has a really goofy personality. I think he's going to be a jokester as he gets older. He likes to make people laugh.




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  1. He did the bed trick for me and he just laughed and laughed. Very funny kid! He's a keeper. Mom


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