Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wilton Cake Decorating Class Course 1

One of the most special and memorable things about my youth were birthdays. My mom always made them special and my favorite part was the cakes she made. Before we were born, my mom took a few of the Wilton Cake Decorating classes and she always made amazing cakes for our birthdays and special occassions. Growing up, I knew I wanted to take the classes as well -- eventually. Finally, my mom gave me a gift card to take the classes as well as a ton of her supplies for my birthday and last February we took Course 1 together {I made her go with me! And yes, I'm just writing about it now.... I was slightly embarrassed by some of my creations -- you'll see!}

We took a four week class through Hobby Lobby that met on Wednesday nights. At the first class, we brought in cookies and practiced doing star tips. At the second class, we learned how to frost a cake as well as do gel piping transfers. The third and fourth class we learned basic designs {like seashells} and some basic flowers. We also learned how to print and write on cakes and then we got to have fun and use all the techniques we learned to make our final cake. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and will definitely be taking a few more in the future. But after the class was over I was certain that I needed a break from making cakes and frosting. You wouldn't think it, but it's a lot of work!

So anyway, here are my results from the class.

Class 1: Random star tips on cookies

Class 2: Worst/Ugliest cake EVER. {See why I was embarrassed..... in my defense, we only had 5 minutes after class to color our frosting and decorate our cake...}

Class 3: Cupcake fun

Class 3: flowers

Class 3: flowers

Class 3: pom-pom flower

Class 3: My sad attempt at Cookie Monster

Class 3: My sad attempt at Elmo

Class 3: Quick 2 minute decorations that look better than the ones I spent time on, lol

Class 3: Quick 2 minute decorations that look better than the ones I spent time on, lol

Class 3: More flower practice

Class 4: Final cakes -- everyone's in the class. Mine is in the back row on the right

My final cake

My final cake

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  1. You did great and made wonderful cakes. Ready for Class 2? Mom


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