Monday, February 7, 2011

Jacob Michael: 26 Months

Jacob is now 26 months old (as of 02.05.11).

Two years ago he was my sweet little baby who was just starting to smile and develop his own personality.

One year ago he stopped being my baby after his first hair cut. He was now my big boy. He looked completely different.

And now... now who is he? Now he's a 32 lb 6 oz ball of energy that stands 35 3/4 inches tall. He loves to play with cars and trucks, do puzzles, play hide-and-seek, read, play kitchen, talk on the phone, and imitate anything we do or say. He repeats everything. he's got a great memory and often thinks of really random things from the past.

He loves to eat. His favorite foods lately are deli ham, cheese, and crackers. He still loves any and all fruit and dislikes almost all vegetables. He adores frozen peas though so at least we can still get some veggies in him. He has a huge appetite.

He sleeps about 10-12 hours every night. He usually goes to bed good. He likes to rock with Mom before bed. We usually both end up falling asleep in the rocking chair. Naps are another story. He fights naps most days. He is still required to at least have "quiet time" if he doesn't want to nap but he usually ends up falling asleep. These can vary from about 30 minutes to 3 and a half hours!

He loves to take baths and showers. He hates to have his teeth brushed but he loves to have them flossed (crazy, right?) He loves to wash his hands. He loves to help out... when he wants to. He's crazy about his baby brother. He tortures his dog and cat, but only because he likes them so much that he doesn't want to ever leave them alone. He loves to give kisses and watch other people give kisses. He's started doing somersaults. He can tell you his name is Jacob Michael and his baby's name is Jordan Matthew. He likes to pretend to change diapers on his friends. We had our first cloth diaper get ruined (the waterproof lining in the PUL pulled off, there was NO saving it!) so we gave that to him to use on his monkey.

He's definitely a two-year old stinker but he's also a lot of fun.

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