Monday, February 28, 2011

last week

I keep meaning to be a better writer in here but then another week or more passes and I haven't logged on.

I wanted to get on and thank everyone for your prayers regarding my mom, especially those of you who have prayed before even knowing what was going on. I am so happy to report that those prayers have worked!! We received great news at my mom's first CT scan last week. The chemo is working! Her tumors are shrinking and some of the smaller spots on her lungs have disappeared. PRAISE GOD!!! We never know what God has in store for our lives and sometimes when we are faced with these challenges it is hard to trust in His plans. But I know my mom is going to come through this and we are ALL going to be stronger people because of it.

My aunt came up to visit this last week which was wonderful. It was so great to see her and have her here to help my mom during her most challenging week thus far. I am only sad that I only got to see her I think three times during her stay. I wish I could have seen her more.

My 27th birthday was last Thursday. I celebrated by going to work. Haha. No, really, we celebrated with my family on Friday. We had pizza and my aunt made a chocolate cake. It was a nice, low-key celebration.

On Sunday (2.27) Jordan was baptized at church. He did really well and didn't cry. We are considering Jordan to be 5 months old today since there is no 30th of February. I will write his 5 month update later.

I don't think there's anything else to update on at this time.

birthday cake

Jacob showing off his messy hands and face

birthday celebration
Jordan's baptism

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