Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Top Ten Tuesday} Valentine's Day Ideas

Top Ten {Tuesday}

I know I said last week that I would be featuring my favorite baby boy's names this week but since it's Valentine's Day I decided to post-pone and do a Valentine's Day related post instead. The boys names will be coming next week! That gives me a little while longer to think of ten names, too!!

Ten Valentine's Day Ideas, inspired by {of course} Pinterest. {Some of my favorite ideas I can't post because I'm going to be using them next year!!}

I made one of these for our family. I love it.

The inspiration behind this years Valentine's we sent out. {What? You knew I wasn't that creative on my own!!}

Conversation Heart Cookies

Ipod Valentine. Super cute!

I am absolutely in love with this. I had every intention of making one and then... you know... didn't. Maybe next year!

I'd love to do this for the kids next year

Our Valentine's Day breakfast :-)


I love creative things like this. I wish I was clever enough to think of them myself!

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  1. Oh my gosh -- all of these things are just SO flippin' cute! I wish I would have done some of them... ;)

    I'm visiting from the Alexa hop -- I hope you can stop by and return the love.

    Have a good day <3


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