Wednesday, March 2, 2011

REVIEW: Gerber Nuk Seal N Go Breastmilk Storage Bags

I started using Gerber Nuk Seal N Go breastmilk storage bags when I ran out of the caps for my Playtex Drop-ins storage system and also ran out of room in my freezer (or so I thought at that time!) I have mixed feelings about these bags. On the one hand, I really like them. On the other, they don't work quite as well for my system of storing breastmilk as I would have hoped.

Here are my thoughts...

- The double zipper ensures they are leak free. I have not seen a double zipper on any other milk storage bags.
- There is a space to write the date and time the milk was pumped ABOVE the zipper to ensure the marker does not leak into the milk
- The bags are thick so even when they are frozen and dropped, they don't burst. This is a problem I had a lot my first time breastfeeding
- If I freeze them on their sides they are nice and thin so they don't take up much space in the freezer for storing
- They are meant to hold 6 oz but I have filled them with 8.5 oz with SOME room still left
- They are affordable. I pay just under $9 for a box of 50 bags

- I don't feed my baby bottles so I don't know how easily and quickly milk thaws in these
- I also don't know how easily the milk is poured into the bottle from these

- It is extremely hard to tell how much milk is in the bag once it's in there. Depending on how you hold the bag, the milk appears at a different measurement (I have started writing the ounces on the top by the date/time because of this)
- If they aren't laying just right, they freeze in awkward positions making storage a bit more challenging
- I have a system of how I store milk in my freezer. I usually move the bottles towards the front as others are used and it goes along the lines. With these bottles, it is too much of a challenge for me to move them as they are used. It literally took me an hour to do the first time so I have stopped moving them. This is the biggest problem I have with these bags as now I have nowhere to put the new milk as I pump it.

Despite the cons I do really like these bags for breastmilk storage. If you are in the market for a milk storage solution, definitely check these out.

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