Friday, April 15, 2011

Jacob Michael: 28 Months

My computer is broken so my two options are to use my husband's (too small) computer or the one hooked up to the TV (too big) Aren't I picky? In any case, I felt like I needed to update about the Jakester so here goes... (and sorry this is going to be shorter than usual -- not much changes month to month for him anymore)

Jacob turned 28 months old on April 5th. He now weighs between 34 and 35 lbs depending on the day (he weighs himself often) We did not take his height this time.

Jake pretty much says EVERYTHING now. He repeats everything we say and do as well so we really have to watch ourselves. Some of his more common phrases right now are "Look at/Look at me," "Me no want you/that," "What's that?," and "Me do it/Me do all by self"

His alphabet now comes out as: "A B C D F G H I M N O P Q X Y Z Now sing me"

He can count 1-10 and counts everything he can find. If we say 11 after 10 he can say 12 and 13 as well but he doesn't come up with those numbers on his own. If we say nothing and he needs to count beyond ten, every number is ten. What I mean is "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 10 10" So funny

His favorite things to play with this month are still blocks and cars/trucks. He also loves to read books and pretends to read them himself. And he enjoys watching movies. It may have started before (in fact I'm pretty sure that it did) but we've noticed that he's started biting his nails. Yuck!

He's been doing really well with potty training, especially pooping on the potty. He still goes in his diaper every day, especially peeing, but he goes on the potty at least once a day. We received a pampers potty training packet in the mail that included a sticker chart. He gets a sticker every day he goes and that seems to be a good motivation to him. He usually asks to go first thing every morning instead of pooping in his diaper now. What a big boy!!

I'm sure there's plenty more to say but that's all I can remember at this point. No pictures until my computer is fixed :-(

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