Tuesday, January 11, 2011

another doctor's visit

I took the boys to the doctor tonight when I got home from work. Matt had called to make the appointment while I was gone. As I've mentioned in the past, Jacob has a sore on his penis. It's still not really healing even with the prescription hydrocortisone cream from the dermatologist. It is looking better though. He also has developed a spot (an ulcer, if you will) on his bottom that isn't healing. Today he had some blisters as well. Big sigh. Then Jordan, a few days ago, developed a rash on his thigh, almost at the diaper line but a little more down his thigh. Another big sigh.

Their appointment was at 5.40pm. Jacob was seen first. She said the sore on his penis didn't bother her much but the ones on his bottom were of concern. She took a culture of them and checked it for strep. That came back negative. She prescribed a stronger triple antibiotic ointment to put on, mixed with desitin. She thinks, as do we, the reason he's not healing is because as soon as he's wet, it washes the medication away. She said to treat it like a burn.

Jordan was checked next. As soon as she opened the diaper she said it looked like yeast. It looked a lot worse tonight than it has. I still felt really stupid for not picking up on that. I had even been wiping it away, thinking someone had put desitin on his bottom. I even asked Matt the other day why he put it on him! Failure of a mother once more. I asked about thrush and she looked in his mouth and didn't see any signs of it so it's just on his diaper area and hopefully will stay there. We're going to put nystatin and desitin on that.

So both the boys are going to be in paper pants for awhile, since desitin will ruin the absorbency of the cloth diapers. I am so bummed about that. I really despise paper diapers. Boo.

Hopefully we can get them healed once and for all though. Poor boys!!

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