Monday, January 17, 2011

The Great Freezer Defrosting

We recently had to defrost our downstairs freezer. This wouldn't have been a huge deal except for the fact that the freezer was overtaken by frozen milk bags. I had over 100 bottles pumped and frozen and would have been more than devastated if they didn't survive the defrost. Since breastmilk has to be used or discarded 24 hours after thawing and cannot be refrozen, we had to make sure it stayed cold. We borrowed two big coolers from my in-laws and the help of Mother Nature. For once, I was thankful for the cold and snow.

The coolers were big enough that we expected to use one for milk and the other for the rest of the food. We brought the smaller (but still BIG) cooler downstairs and filled it overflowing with bottles. But, there were more!!!

Matt then transfered the bottles to the bigger cooler. They were still overflowing. We had to put some bottles in the next cooler. In the end, we used the two big borrowed coolers and two small coolers of our own. We also stuffed our upstairs freezer with as much as we could as well. And a couple of things just sat outside in the snow by themselves.

The freezer was finally defrosted and at 12am we were able to bring everything back downstairs and begin organizing the freezer. Unfortunately, the milk got all mixed up during the moves so we had to resort by date and time. However, working together, it didn't take too long this time. We decided to count them while we were at it. Final count: 116 bottles

Thank you Girls, thank you.

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