Friday, January 7, 2011

Jacob Michael: 25 Months

On Wednesday (1.5.11) Jacob was 25 months old. He weighed 32.0 lbs and was approx 34.6 inches tall. This is an approximate because he didn't want to cooperate too much when it came to measuring his height.

This past month we celebrated Jacob's 3rd Christmas (which just seems weird to me since he is barely 2 years old) He had a blast opening presents and getting all kinds of attention. Santa brought him a kitchen set which was a huge hit. He's been feeding us all kinds of food since. He is so cute when he puts things in the oven or microwave because he'll turn the knob (on the oven only) then go "beep beep beep beep" and pretend to push buttons. Then he'll say "ready" and take it out. Adorable! Makes me laugh every time!

Jacob's become quite a stinker. Lots of drama and meltdowns. His new thing is fighting sleep. Every nap and every bedtime is a huge fight, no matter how tired he is. I can't wait for this phase to pass.

He now consistently says two and three word sentences. He repeats everything we say and imitates everything we do. New words this month are: alright, arm, bright, brother, cry, donut, egg, get, ham, kitchen, pepper, potato, present, ready, roll, and sick. There are probably more but this is what I can remember. (I've been trying to keep track)

He has taken a small interest in his potty again. He sometimes will tell us if he has to pee and go on there. He's been keeping dry diapers during these times too. Other times he will continue to go in his diapers. He refuses to poop on the potty. We are basically just letting him train himself at this point.

He doesn’t really have any new tricks this month other than the improvement in his talking skills. He does things daily that amaze me with how smart he is and how much he puts together and remembers. He has regressed in counting and seems to only be able to count to three now. We are working on letters and numbers. He can recite the end of Brown Bear (the page with all the animals on it) SO cute! His favorite food lately is yogurt.

Here are a few pictures from this month.

reading with Papa

he makes goofy faces

figured out how to turn on the tv, ugh

eating a donut

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