Friday, March 11, 2011

Five Question Friday & Stuff

1. Do you know what your REAL hair color is?
Yes. What you see is what you get. I don't color my hair. I have more important things to waste my money on.... like diapers!!!

2. Do you plan ahead for summer, or fly by the seat of your pants?
We fly by the seat of our pants. Last year we had hoped to take a trip to Chicago and go to the zoo and Shedd's Aquarium. So maybe we'll plan a weekend to do that this year instead.

3. What is your favorite meal to cook?
None :-) On that note, last night I made the most amazing spinach pasta recipe. It was soooo yummy!! I'll have to post it later.

4. Do you get offended by not receiving thank yous?
Nope. But they are nice. And I always make sure to send them myself otherwise I just feel guilty and rude!

5. How did you meet your best friend?
She gave birth to me

Other Stuff
We've had several sample boxes of cereal in our pantry for awhile so this morning I tried two of them. Here are my thoughts.
Quaker Oatmeal Squares Brown Sugar: I was very excited to try these! They were decent but didn't taste like oatmeal like I expected. Even so, I'd probably buy them again.
Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon Oat Cereal: I expected these to be similar to cheerios. My first thought was how cute it was that some of the cereal was shaped like cheerios and some of it was shaped like hearts. Then I tasted it. It was way too cinnamony for me! Jacob really liked it though. Like cheerios, it hurt my mouth to eat it. I'm weird like that.

Last night Jacob counted 1-10! I was so proud of him! He wanted some apricots and there were four left so I asked him if he could count to four. Well he did and just kept going! Usually he goes from three right up to eight so I was surprised to find out he actually DOES know how to count. Of course, today he won't do it again. Stinker!

Today I'm trying Jacob in undies for the first time. The goal is to put him in undies first thing every morning and once he's wet he has to wear a diaper for the rest of the day. He's been in them for 45 minutes now and so far so good. We'll see how long it lasts today! He's wearing his super cool sports undies :-) What a big boy!

Not much new to report with the little stinker other than he's been sleeping through the night now in his crib. Except for this morning he woke up at 3 and then again at 5 and he was up for the day then. Sigh.

Jake wants to read now so I'm out. Bye!

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