Friday, March 4, 2011

Jordan Matthew: Five Months

If February had 30 days, Jordan would have turned 5 months on the 30th. However, we considered him 5 months old on February 28th instead. His measurements (taken at home) were 16 lbs 9 oz -- I find this one hard to believe -- 26 inches long, and a head circumference of 43 cm. His hair is still reddish in color and he still barely has any. He still has blue eyes so I am thinking he's going to end up being another blue eyed boy. We pulled out his 6 month and 6-9 month clothes recently. He can still fit into his 3-6 month clothes but some of his 3 month outfits are getting too small - especially with a big cloth diaper bum underneath!

Jordan is still 100% breast-fed. He's been getting up several times a night to nurse now. He eats every 4-6 hours still. He has started taking an interest in watching people eat and he seems to be figuring it all out. I think he'll be well prepared when we eventually start feeding him solids and should have no problem figuring out what to do. I don't intend to do this for awhile yet. He's starting to get interested but still doesn't seem quite ready.

Jordan continues to sleep in our bedroom. This month we finally got him to sleep unswaddled! The transition really wasn't too difficult on him. However, now he struggles to sleep in his bassinet all night. He usually starts out in his bassinet and after the first time he wakes to eat (usually sometime around 11 or midnight) he spends the rest of the night in our bed. Occasionally I will put him back into his bassinet but quite honestly, it's much easier to just keep him in bed with us and we both sleep much better snuggled up in each other's warmth.

This month Jordan started reaching for objects and picking things up. He even picked up his pacifier and put it into his own mouth once while we were driving. (It was attached to his clothes with one of those pacifier clips). He can shake a rattle and, of course, puts everything he finds into his mouth. He's a HUGE drooler now. He also has started to blow raspberries.

This month we have put Jordan in his high chair for the first time and also sat him up in the stroller for the first time instead of putting him in there in his car seat. He looks like such a big boy in both places. We have started putting him in his high chair while we eat instead of in his bouncer or on our lap. Although he does end up on our lap quite often still.

Jordan also attended church for the first time. He did really well during the service and stayed quiet for the most part. He did get overly excited while looking at me and started screaming/squealing but other than that he was mostly quiet -- and I didn't even have to resort to sticking a bottle or a boob in his mouth! Amazing! Jordan was also baptized on February 27th. His Uncle Sean (Buddy) and Aunt Melissa (Minnie) stood up with us and his baptism was attended by Papa, Lolo, Auntie Sarah, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Brandon, and G.G. as well. I think I already mentioned in a previous post but he was talking in the microphone when Pastor Will held him up. So cute!

Here are some pictures from this past month:

Jordan's first Valentine's Day

first time sitting in his high chair

cute GoGoGreen Pocket Diaper
that I won from a giveaway from
Familylicious Reviews

handsome boy after his baptism

this is how the goofy boy sleeps most of the time
he's going to grow up to have a crooked neck!

happy to be 5 months old!

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