Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jacob Michael: 27 Months

Jacob turned 27 months old on March 5th. He weighs between 34-35 lbs now, depending on the day (he loves to weigh himself) and is 35.8 inches tall (2 ft 9 inches). There's not much that's different since his last update as honestly not much changes from month to month with him anymore.

He can say his alphabet to letter I, although he often skips E. He can name every letter in uppercase. He can name a few in lowercase.
He counts as 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 most of the time.
His favorite toys to play with this month have been his mega bloks. He loves to build big towers with them.
His favorite shirt is his train shirt. Every day we ask him what he wants to wear, he says that shirt.
His favorite foods are ham, cheese, grapes, pickles, peas, and crackers.
His favorite color seems to be orange or green. He asks for things those colors often (bowls, diapers, etc)
At the end of the month we had to switch him to paper diapers because he continues to get sores on his bottom. I am hoping he will potty train himself soon to avoid these. Some days he's all about going potty on the big boy potty and other days he'll flat out tell you that he has to go and he's going to go in his diaper. Stinker.
He's started reading books. He can sit still to listen to a longer story now (he loves The Three Little Pigs and Mickey and the Beanstalk) and he also "reads" stories back to us sometimes. So cute!!

Here are some pictures of him from this month:

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