Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Question Friday 5.6.11

1. Have you ever had roommates?
I had roommates the first four years of college.
Jessica my first and second year; Jessica, Jenni, and Katie my third and fourth year. Then Matt and I were married and the rest is history.

2. How many names do you/your children have? (i.e. Prince Charming William Phillip Arthur Louis John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt)
They each have two names (well, three if you count last name)
Jacob Michael & Jordan Matthew
I do like the sound of three names together and if we ever have a girl she'll have three names (not telling yet). I tried to add an Isaiah at the end of each of the boys' names but Matt shot me down both times. I do love that name though!

3. Did you watch the Royal Wedding?
OF COURSE I did. I want to watch it again :-) And, can I just say that William and Kate are the cutest couple ever!!

4. What is the messiest room in your house?
Um... every room! I guess the worst is the toy room, but isn't that the purpose of that room? The whole house needs a big declutter and deep clean though. I can hardly stand it!

5. What is your ideal mothers day?
Sleeping in for as long as I want - not as long as my children think is necessary. Having a perfectly clean house. And not having to do any chores all day. Oh, and massages are nice :-)
None of this will happen, of course. But... at least it's not my weekend to work!!

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