Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jordan's 6 Month Check-Up

I realized after I posted yesterday how far behind I am in updating. So bare with me as I catch up.

on our way

Jordan went in for his 6 month doctor's visit on April 13th. We left Jake at home with Grandpa this time. He was weighed and measured and then brought back to the exam room. He weighed in at 17 lbs, was 25 1/4 inches long (which I suspect is inaccurate) and had a head circumference of 16 7/8 inches. This puts him at the 20th percentile for his head, 35th percentile for his weight, and 5th percentile for his height.

They took us back and asked us the usual questions -- breastfed or formula fed? 100% breastfed. Does he go to daycare? no. Does he take a vitamin supplement? not really, I couldn't find the iron supplement. Is he rolling over? yes, though he seems to have forgotten how to go belly to back. Does he sit up on his own? no. Does he sit up supported? yes. Is he pooping and peeing okay? yes. Do you have any concerns about him? no.

Then I showed him his cafe au lait spot on his arm. He made a note of it and told us to keep watching. For those unfamiliar, Matt has neurofibromatosis, but his only symptom is cafe au lait spots (and possibly ADHD) so we are always on high alert for signs and symptoms. We noticed a small dark spot on Jordan's left arm sometime between his 4 and 6 month appointments. This is, so far, the only spot we have found on him.

He then asked if we had started Jordan on solid foods yet. I told him we had, but we were doing things a bit differently. I asked if he was familiar with Baby-Led Weaning/Baby-Led Solids and to my surprise he was both familiar and supportive of it. (I was surprised because of the conversations we had at both his 2 and 4 month appointments regarding introducing solid foods)

He checked Jordan out, told me he was perfect, and then asked if we were doing vaccines. I told him we were so he filled out the form and sent the nurses back in for the shots. Jordan did great with his shots. He cried for a few seconds but calmed down once I picked him back up.

playing with the bracelet he was given which matched his diaper, cute!

We go back for another check up when he is nine months old.

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