Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Places I Want to Visit

Top Ten {Tuesday}

When Matt and I were first married we decided every year we'd take a vacation and we wanted to visit every state. We wrote down the names of all the states and put them into a jar and then drew out where our vacation would be. We were sorely disappointed to pull out Missouri for our first trip but we ended up finding a lot of fun things to do there that we wouldn't have even known (or cared) existed.

Then we had kids and our plans of a vacation every year went out the window. But here's a list of ten places I'd like to visit someday, in no particular order.

1. The Carolinas. I still maintain that I'd like to move to the Carolinas someday. So I suppose I should actually visit there and make sure it's everything I think/hope/dream it to be.

2. The Grand Canyon. I think The Grand Canyon speaks for itself. No explanation needed here.

3. Yellowstone National Park. I think this is another no explanation needed.

4. Hawaii. I've decided since our five year wedding anniversary is coming up and we aren't doing anything that for our ten year wedding anniversary we're going to take a vacation - sans kids - to Hawaii. A girl can dream, right? And even if it never happens, I'll have fun planning that vacation for the next five years.

5. Wilmington, NC. I know I already mentioned the Carolinas in general but I'd also like to specifically see Wilmington. This goes back to my Dawson's Creek days, as this is where the show was filmed. I have always wanted to go there and even though I am no longer obsessed with the show (only because it's no longer on, let's be honest) I still want to go there.

6. Sandals Grand Antigua. If you haven't seen pictures of this place, well, you should. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
Sandals Grande Antigua Highlight 2
this is my favorite lodging set up

7. Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. They have a huge water-slide that is enclosed and when you go down it you are surrounded by sharks. Enough said.

8. Greece. Ever since I did a project on Ancient Greece in high school world's studies class I have been totally fascinated with Greece. Of all the places in the world, if I went anywhere outside of the US, that's where I'd like to go. I love all the history there and knowing that people THOUSANDS of years ago were standing at the very spot I was standing at and looking at the very same building that I am looking at. It just totally blows my mind.

9. England/Wales. After growing up with the dream of becoming a princess some day (thanks Kate Middleton for ruining that one for me and thousands of other girls) and having Princess Diana as a role model, it only seems fitting to have this on my list.

10. Forks, Washington. Yup. Because Edward lives there? :-D

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  1. Aside from #7 (because things in the water freak me out) this sounds like a list I could get on board with - I too had a fascination with Dawson's Creek and dreamed of visiting the set to see Joshua Jackson! What a fun idea you and your hubby had for trips - someday you'll tackle this list!

  2. #4 sounds like a great idea and #5 made me laugh. Best wishes in all your travels. I hope you get to see all ten and then some (although I understand about the dreaming part because I have kids too, ha ha).

  3. I'm only 3 hours from Forks... fly over & I'll be your tour guide. Just saying.



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