Monday, December 5, 2011

Dress For The Job You Want

One of the things I love about being a nurse (besides, you know, helping people and all that good stuff) is that I get to wear scrubs to work. Is there anything better than wearing clothes that feel like pajamas all day? But one of the things that I dislike about my job is that we have color-coded scrubs - meaning I have to wear navy blue Groan. I wish I could wear pretty colored scrubs such as the ones at They have so many fun ones to choose from! I love to look through the options and pick out ones I'd like to wear if I were able.

For starters, I'd probably never wear navy blue again. I'd pick out some in khaki, chocolate, carribbean, royal, surgical green, and galaxy blue. Such pretty colors.

While browsing their page, I also found that they havescrub clothing for baby and kids! I think I need to get a pair for the boys to go along with the crash cart Jacob just got for his birthday! Oh what fun we could have!

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  1. I loved all my colorful scrubs back in my days of nursing. My favorite was a jacket with teddy bears on it. It was so comfy and my patients loved to tell stories about the bears on the print. It's a cute memory. LOL, but I wore navy pants almost all the time because they seemed to match most of my tops.


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