Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jordan at 15 Months

Weight: He goes to the doctor on Wednesday for his check-up so I will know then
Height: He goes to the doctor on Wednesday for his check-up so I will know then
Size: He wears mostly 12 month clothes. He still fits in some 9 months and can fit into some 18 months.
Favorite Food: almost everything! Except for spicy foods. He also still nurses - 15+ months was my goal when he was born so I'm happy that we reached it together!
Words: "ball" "mama" "woof" "bubble" "eat" "light" He also says "thh" to anything he's pointing to. NEW: "more" "that" "yeah"
New Accomplishments: a few new words, he can twist a top on and off a bottle, can play peek-a-boo
What We Did This Month: celebrated Jacob's 3rd birthday, played in the snow for the first {and only!} time, saw Santa, celebrated Christmas four times, saw Uncle Buddy and celebrated his birthday early, saw Auntie Sarah and Uncle Bill for Christmas
Likes: balls, mama milk, being held, the Christmas tree, the Santa balls and phone booth ornaments, climbing on everything, going down the slide, being thrown, pretending to drop him, hitting, splashing in the bath, playing in the dog's dishes, rocking on his horse, his block, eating, being chased, playing peek-a-boo, looking at books, throwing books off the shelf, playing with cell phones
Dislikes: spicy food, brushing his teeth, diaper changes, baby gates, his big brother, having things taken from him

Random Fact: If you ask him what's in his mouth and hold out your hand, he will take whatever is in there {and there usually is something in there!} and give it to you. If it's a rare occasion that he doesn't have something in there, he will pretend he's taking something out of his mouth and hand it to you, too.


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  1. So cute!

    Good for you on the breastfeeding! I never thought I would end up breastfeeding my boys as long as I did. They hit 2 years. They both were such a challenge to start!

    I'm jealous of his hair. I always wanted 1 red head. My Dad's a red head, I have a sister with red hair and a nephew with red hair. I really like red hair because it's more unique than the other hair colors.


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