Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Top Ten Tuesday} Things I Find Myself Saying {now that I'm a mother}

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

These are all things I've actually caught myself saying {now that I'm a mother} that I never thought I'd have said before. 

1. "Please don't vacuum your brother"

2. "Don't lick your shoe"

3. "Don't lick your brother."

4. "Don't lick the dog"

5. "We don't eat dog food/paper/rocks/shoes/toilet paper"

6. "Don't wipe your boogers on your brother"

7. "Do you want me to lock you in your toy room?" (sounds like real punishment, doesn't it?)

8. "Please don't touch my boobie"

9. "Do you want to ride on a hippopotamus?"

10. "There's a monster in there and he's going to get you!" 

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  1. so cute! I've totally used the monster one! lol
    you should link this up with my Tuesday 10 I'm hosting today!

  2. hahahaha! Caution: Don't read this and try to consume coffee at the same time..
    love this list, thanks for the laugh! Oh the joys of parenthood! :P

    Hope you have a great Tuesday!

  3. I love your list...so funny and true! I have said many of these things...along with things like, "Please don't run around the house naked." and "I don't care if you are pretending to be a carnivore, you still can't bite your brother!"

  4. Best laugh I've had in a long time. You're a great mom and yes, we all have said things like that or maybe even worse! Love, Mom

  5. Yup! I believe I've said all of those (except maybe the hippopotamus one!) I've also had to say, "Make sure your pee goes in the bowl." and "Stop picking your nose."

    Ah, the life of a mama!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I burst out laughing while I was reading this! I think I need to share this with my Many Little Blessings Facebook page. Too funny!

  7. Please don't put your underwear on your head. :)


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