Saturday, July 28, 2012

Silly Saturday 7/28/12

Me: "What is Jordan's pirate name?"
Jake: "Pawkeye"
Me: "No, Hawkeye"
Jake: "Hot guy... hot eye..."

Matt: "Jordan, do you like Papa's fish?"
Jordan: "Mmhmm"
Matt: "But are you scared of it?"
Jordan: "Mmhmm"
Matt: "Why are you scared of it?
Jordan: "Teeth" (pointing to his teeth)

Me: "Jacob, don't put your fingers in your brother's nose!"
Jacob: "Why not?"
Me: "Your fingers are too big for his nose"
Jacob: "But they're not for mine!" (sticks his finger in his nose)

Jacob: "Before I know it I'm going to be 2,010 years old"
Me: "WOW! That's really old."
Jacob: "Then I'll be old... like you guys!"

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  1. Love Silly Saturday, thought it was cute. My 10 yr old son was reading it and cracking up.


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