Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vacation: Day Three - Museum

On Saturday, we got up and ready to head to the Children's Museum. There is a really neat Children's Museum in Greenville that puts the one in Grand Rapids to {major} shame! We met another friend, Adrian, and her two kiddos, Grayson and Claire, there. The kids had an absolute blast at the museum. In fact, I think the adults did as well! I seriously wish this museum was closer to us - we'd have a membership for sure! 

My favorite part of the museum was the grocery store. It was so cute! It had little carts and baskets for shopping, a deli counter and bakery counter, a frozen foods section, and lots of shelves with organized boxes and cans and things. Plus it had a fresh produce section. So adorable! 

The boys favorite part was these pipes that you put balls into and the balls travel through the pipes and come back out. They could have stayed and played there the entire day! I had to literally drag them away from it -- twice! 

Here's a few pictures from the museum...



After the museum, we headed home where we all took naps... including the adults!

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