Monday, July 11, 2011

Jacob at 31 Months

Weight: 35 lbs
Height: 36"
Favorite Food: fruit snacks (cars and spiderman), cheese, juice
Favorite Toy: balls, bike, cozy coupe
Frequent Phrases: "No, I do it", "I don't want you", "I need to go at work"
New Accomplishments: he stays dry during the day and wears undies most days, he can really jump with both feet off the ground now, he can say his entire alphabet
What We Did This Month: went to John Ball Park Zoo, went to the pool at my parents' house several times, celebrated Father's Day, watched fireworks for the 4th of July
Likes: spiderman, beach balls, playing outside, eating, swimming, monsters, golf, fireworks, trying out different potties everywhere we go
Dislikes: sleeping, not getting his way, his mama :-(, cooperating, having his picture taken


playing with stickers

getting dressed like a big boy

"I want this"

trying to cut into the watermelon with his toy knife from his kitchen set

feeding the birds at the zoo



he came inside, grabbed his tool box and said "I have to fix my lawnmower"
This was all totally his idea. so cute!

watching the fireworks

on our way to the park

going down the slide

trying to get a drink of water at the park

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  1. I love: "I have to go to work!"

    The picture of him cutting the watermelon with a knife is great too!

  2. He is sooo cute! Such a ham!!!
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  3. what a cutie! new follower from the blog hop. :)

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  5. what cute lil boys you have! super cute blog too!

    Hi, newest GFC follower, stopping by from the Tuesday blog hop!
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  6. too adorable!
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    Maria, Joyful Stamper

  7. He looks so much like his Daddy! The lawnmower picture is adorable!

  8. Your boys are just too cute!! So animated!


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