Monday, July 4, 2011

Jordan: Nine Months

Jordan turned 9 months old last Thursday (06.30.11) He weighed in at 18.2 lbs and was 27 inches long with a head circumference of 45 cm. He goes for his 9 month doctor check-up later this month so I'll have some "official" measurements then. He's right on schedule wearing mostly 9 month clothes. He does wear some 6 month, some 6-9 month, some 12 month, and some 6-12 month, so it just depends on the clothes. His hair is still a light red color. His eyes are still blue. He has one tooth. (Technically, he has two by the time I'm writing this but one as of 9 months....)

Jordan has been doing a little better with sleep this month. He still wakes up most nights but he does occasionally sleep through the night now and he usually goes back to sleep after nursing. He almost always wakes up by 7am though. He goes down for the night between 8-9.30 usually.

He is still 100% breastfed. He has recently been refusing to drink milk from a bottle so it's been rough on Matt and my dad on the days when I am at work. He nurses like a champ though. He's also been enjoying his solid foods. He eats almost everything we eat now. This month he's tried: mashed potatoes, strawberry banana yogurt, chicken fried rice, green pepper, onion, apple nutrigrain bar, blueberries, pineapple, cornbread, dog food from Charlie's dish, grapes, and papaya. He's also probably tried more than that but that's what I remembered to write down. He's still been pretty receptive to any food we give him. He loves to eat!

Jordan started real crawling this month. He also pulls himself up on everything. He can take a few steps while cruising around a table. Yikes, I'm not ready for the next step of walking!!!!

This month Jordan went to the zoo for the first time. He seemed to like it but ended up sleeping for a bit of the trip.
zoo trip
sleeping at the zoo

 He also went swimming at the Crystal Springs pool for the first time. He enjoyed splashing in the water there.

We celebrated Jordan's first Father's Day. He got his dad some jeans (which he's returning) and a frame for us to have family pictures done.

Father's Day

Jordan has no real interest in age appropriate baby toys (though he does like to shake a rattle every now and then) and much prefers the big kid toys of his brother. He likes balls and cars and chases both around as he pushes them. He likes to put everything in his mouth, of course. He got to fingerpaint for the first time this month.

Here are some pictures from this past month.

first time in the backyard swing

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  1. One of my nephew's wouldn't drink from a bottle either. My husband watched him, so it was hard on him. They taught him to use a sippy cup really early. I've heard good things about this bottle:

    There's also this bottle:

    Both items ship for free.

    Yes, I know my WW is up early. A lot of people put them up on Tues. close to the end of the day. I was putting mine up on Wed, then a lot of the linky's were full. So I started putting them up on Tues.


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