Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jordan's 9 Month Check Up

The Little Bug went in for his 9 month check up yesterday {07.13.11}. My mom was kind enough to offer to go with us and keep an eye on Jacob for me. As a side note, Jacob was very well behaved this time. I was proud of him.

The nurse took us back to the exam room and asked us the usual questions about daycare and diet and other daily life questions. She seemed a little caught off guard when I said he eats table food and not cereal or baby food. She said he must be a good eater then. Ha, that's an understatement!

Then we went and had him measured. He is, apparently, tiny! And here I was thinking he's such a big boy now. He is 27 inches long, which puts him at the 8th percentile for height. His head circumference was 17.5 inches, which puts him at the 20th percentile. And his weight was 19 lbs 8 oz {which I don't think is accurate because he was 18.2 lbs last week when I weighed him. He had just eaten before we went there though...}, which puts him in the 30th percentile. Small baby!

silly boy, he did not want to stay on his back when he was being weighed

he's looking at the nurse like "what are you doing to me?" 

After that, the doctor came in and checked him out. He said he was perfect. He's a healthy and normal little boy. We were given the okay to start feeding him dairy -- which I've already been feeding him. He also said he doesn't worry about eggs because they are in everything, so that's okay now too. He said the only things to avoid now are citrus, seafood, and peanuts. And those are all just because of allergies. Not so much that they are afraid that he'll have an allergic reaction to any of them {we have no history of food allergies in either of our families} but because research has shown that earlier introduction of these foods can lead to allergies that wouldn't have otherwise developed. It's not that I don't trust what my doctor says -- because I do -- but I'm just curious to know how research can show that? How do you set up and interpret a study like that? 

So Jordan is doing all the things he should be doing -- crawling, pulling up, cruising, picking up small objects, etc. I wish I would have asked about the way he stands up because he rolls his foot in an awkward position when he stands, then eventually corrects himself. I didn't remember until tonight. I actually didn't have any questions for him for once. 

He goes back when he's a year old. Hard to believe that it's so soon! My baby is growing up too fast!! 

here he is playing on the floor of the exam room {kinda gross, I know} with the trucks that Jake brought to keep himself entertained

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  1. Both of my boy's are tiny weight and head wise (like 10%), but tall (like 75%). Their doctor was worried about Mica (my oldest), but when I told him about my Dad who is super tall and only weighs 175; he didn't seem to be so concerned. Both of my kids are great eaters too!

    Every kid is so different! My sister's boy's all have huge heads. They actually had to go back home and measure everyone's head in their family. LOL Yes they have big heads! I couldn't believe that they had to measure their heads!

    Call the doctor's nurse and ask about the whole standing up thing. That's part of what they are paid for; to answer our questions.


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