Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jordan: Eleven Months

Guess who is almost a year old? Now, tell me how that happened! It doesn't seem like it could - or should - be possible. But here we are. Jordan Matthew turned eleven months old yesterday, 8.30.11. He weighed in at a whopping 21 lbs even and measured 28.5 inches long. His head circumference was 46 cm. He is starting to outgrow 9 month clothes and moving more into 12 month clothes, depending on what they are. We can still get away with some smaller clothes but it won't be long before I'm sorting through another box of clothes for him. Sigh. He still has light red hair, blue eyes, and four teeth.

We transitioned Jordan to sleep in his crib in the nursery this month. It went surprisingly well for both boys. Jordan still wakes up most nights one time to nurse but he will generally go right back to sleep. Sometimes he even sleeps through the night. *happy dance* He still is usually found sleeping either on his side or on his stomach with his buns up in the air.

I am happy to say that Jordan is still nursing. {A milestone we just missed with Jacob} He really only nurses about 4-5 times most days so my supply is starting to cut back some. I hope to contniue to nurse him for another at least 4 months but likely longer than that. We'll see how he's feeling about it though. He continues to eat solid foods like a champ as well. We've been practicing Baby Led Weaning and there is really nothing he doesn't like so far. I have been absolutely terrible about remembering to write down when he tries new foods. It seems like he eats anything these days so it's hard to find something new. We did take him to The Olive Garden this month and he devoured the cheese ravioli I shared with him. The rest of his new foods this month were total accidents -- peanut butter {oops! My parents didn't know you weren't supposed to give that to babies his age}, an M&M that he snuck from his brother, and.... dirt. Yum. He also tried kiwi which he liked after the first few tastes.

Jordan's really taken off with "talking" this month. He's been doing "Ba"s and "Da"s but he has also started doing "Ma," "Ya," "Ga," and "Fff." He says "woof" (fff) and "daddy" (da/dada) He no longer signs for more. He screams and/or thrashing his body around in his high chair when he wants more. It's really quite a sight to see. I'll have to remember to take a video of him doing this at some point.

Jordan is still crawling all over the place. He's learning his way around the house and can usually find us when we are in another room. He will follow directions to "come here" most of the time. He started walking behind his push toys more frequently. He also can stand for much longer periods of time. He stands and squats down and stands back up without hanging on to things. Last night he took two steps! Yikes. He's still very timid about walking though.

Jordan is still very interested in all things balls. He can find a ball anywhere it seems like. They always put a smile on his face. He also likes playing with cars/trucks and even says "vroom" (or his version of it) when  he's driving them around. Can you tell he has a big brother? He also loves playing with his activity table that I brought up from the basement. Whenever the music goes off he's right there dancing. He loves to climb on things. He spends lots of time going up and down the first few stairs at my parents house when we visit. He climbs on the top of his brother's desk to look out the window.

He's a big water baby. He "swims" by kicking his legs and moving his arms when someone is holding him in the water. He sits on the edge of the pool and throws his body in. In the bath, it's near impossible to keep him sitting because he just wants to swim. He's not at all bothered by water in his face. He even tries to drink the water at the pool by swimming with his tongue hanging out. It will be sad when the pool closes for the winter next weekend!

Here are a few pictures of Jordan from this past month. I can't believe in a month I will be writing his year update and all about his Winnie The Pooh first birthday party! Time flies when you're having fun!!!

always has a ball

music table

I know it's terribly blurry but I love this picture. He was having a blast dancing when I took this!

If you can't find him, check by the dog's dish. He's probably there getting into trouble.


Baby's first M&M
Got dirt?

stair climbing

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  1. Such a charming guy, I cannot believe 1 year is right around the corner!!!


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