Monday, August 29, 2011

Proud Mama Monday 8/29

When I ask Jordan what a doggy says, he'll say woof. Well, "fff" So cute! He'll only do it if his Daddy isn't around though, lol!

Jacob is so incredibly smart. I told Jake we were going to the mall and then started towards the library first. He knew right away that we weren't going in the right direction. When we got to 44th street and I went straight he pointed in the direction of the mall (even though that is NOT the way we take to get there) and said "The mall is that way Mom" How does he know these things already??

What did YOUR kids do that made you proud this week? {Or whenever!} Write about it and link up below!!

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  1. Wow! Jake and Jordan are getting so big and are such clever!

  2. boys...was suppose to be at the end of that sentence! lol.


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