Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jordan: Ten Months

Jordan is now ten months. Is it just me or does ten months seem soooooo much older than nine months? Maybe it's the double digits? Anyway, Chunky Munky weighed in at 19.4 lbs and was 28 inches long. His head circumference was 45 cm. His hair is getting longer and is still a pretty red color. His eyes are still blue. He has four teeth now -- the front two on top and the front two on bottom. He wears mostly 9 month clothes but also some 12 month clothes. He's getting too big!!

I wish I could say he is now sleeping through the night like a champ but unfortunately, we're still up with him at least once a night on most nights. He sleeps in his crib in our bedroom or in our bed. He prefers to sleep on his stomach or his side. Lots of times he'll sleep with his buns up in the air, it's so cute. 

Jordan is still a big nurser and eats like a champ. He nurses between 4-6 times a day and 1-2 times a night usually. He also eats "real" food at each of our meals. I have been terrible at keeping track of new foods he's tried but here are a few I documented: pizza, hot dogs, jello, mango, corn on the cob, kiwi, honeydew, and crenshaw melon. 

This month we celebrated Jordan's first 4th of July. He also got to see fireworks for the first time. He didn't seem to care one way or the other about them, just watched them with big eyes. We went to the Frog Hollow Park, the Burlingame Dairy Dip for ice cream for the first time, and the Lamar Park Splash Pad. He enjoyed playing in the water there. Jordan loves water. He "jumps" from the edge of the pool at my parent's house (while sitting on the edge)

Jordan also got to take his first car road trip to Detroit for Jessica's baby shower. He got to meet Jessica, Jenni, Katie, and Shannon. Unfortunately, he screamed and cried the whole time so we missed the shower :-(

Jordan can now crawl very quickly. He pulls up on everything he can find and he cruises along furniture. He can stand for about one second on his own but he doesn't like to and will sit down as soon as he realizes you are trying to get him to stand on his own. Jordan's favorite things to play with are balls. He also can find paper anywhere and loves to put paper in his mouth. He claps his hands. He sometimes signs "more" but usually just screams to communicate.

Here are some pictures from last month:

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  1. He is sooo ccute!

  2. I can't believe how big he's getting! :) Happy 10 months!

  3. He is so adorable! It's nice that he's a good eater now!

    I came from the hop...

  4. What a big cutie! I'm stopping by from the Alexa Weekend Hop. Have a nice weekend :)


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