Friday, August 5, 2011

Now I Remember

Now I remember why I never shop at Walmart. Okay, okay, it's because of the clientele that I usually run into, as well as the fact that there is typically only ONE register open and I have to wait in line for what seems like two hours to buy some little stupid thing I went in for.

However, a friend of mine showed me a super cute sundress that she bought there and I fell in love. So off we went today. The trip was surprisingly pleasant. Only one annoying shopper encounter. And... you're not going to believe this... NO WAIT IN LINE!!! Holy guacamole!!

But, this is why I don't shop there... Their stuff is actually cute. And reasonably priced. Which means, I spent WAY TOO MUCH money!!

I went in for a sundress. I left without a sundress but with $50+ of merchandise. I got

- 3 t-shirts for myself
- a button up shirt for myself
- a tshirt for Jake for next summer
- a tshirt for Jake for this summer
- 2 tshirt, pants, and jacket sets for Jake for next fall/winter/spring
- another pair of jean shorts for Jake
- fall jammies for Jake (they were TOO cute, I couldn't help myself!)
- a zipper (random, I know!)
- and a spiderman cup for Jake for behaving

So, not too bad, right? I might find myself a regular Walmart shopper!!

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  1. Even though Mike works at Wal-Mart I can't stand going there sometimes. Yesterday for instance! We had some of that recalled Turkey that we bought from Wal-mart. Seeing as Mike works in the meat dept at Walmart his manager told him to bring it in and he'd give him cash for it. So I brought it in to another store to return it. The lady says "DO you have your receipt" I said "No I only bought food so I didn't keep it" She then tells me I have to trade it for the exact same thing. Well i'm sorry but when Meat gets recalled I wait a little bit until I buy that brand. Plus it being recalled you get your money back regardless if you have the receipt. So I was VERY irritated. I went and talked to a manager and she was surprised the lady did that. Umm no women all the customer service desk employees treat you like that. Heck I even called 1-800 walmart to complain, after i had called and talked to Mike about it. The lady on the other line couldn't even tell me their policy, yet she was in cutomer relations....

  2. I absolutely hate Walmart. I refuse to shop there any more. One, like you said, the clientele that's at Walmart never ceases to amaze me. Secondly, their ridiculous inability to have registers with real people who know what they're doing! I rarely ever go into Walmart.

  3. I go to Walmart if I need a bunch of different things so that I don't have to make too many different trips. Also, I go if I want McDonalds for lunch. I'm probably going to go do my back to school shopping once maternity leave is done.

  4. Wal-Mart does have great deals, but I hate shopping there too. I'm the same way with thing on my list, but I come out with 4 bags! haha.


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