Monday, April 9, 2012

Proud Mama Monday 4/9/12

Jacob is really becoming a thoughtful little man. The other morning he climbed into bed with me and asked "Do you feel good today?" When I told him no (I had a bad headache) he said "It's okay Mom, what's wrong?" So sweet! 

Another example of his thoughtfulness happened towards his brother. The boys have a robot dinosaur that Jordan is afraid of. Jacob wanted to play with it so he came to Jordan and said "Is it okay if I play with Tiny Tim, Jordan?" {Tiny Tim is what Jake named his dinosaur} Jordan said yes and Jacob was so pleased! 

Jacob got a new toy -- The Hulk figurine -- on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning while I was feeding Jordan, Jake was playing with it. Jordan decided he wanted to play with it. Since it was Jacob's brand new toy I didn't require him to share it with him. I said "No, Jordan, that is Jake's new toy" and a few seconds later Jacob came over and gave it to Jordan so he could play with it too. I was very proud of him!

Jordan has been saying yes and no lately and shakes his head no too. He does this appropriately and while it's so stinking adorable I love it even more because it's one more way to have communication with him. Since he doesn't say many words the yes and no make it really helpful to know what he's thinking. 

Jordan did really well with the Easter egg hunt yesterday. I was surprised how much he got into it and even got competitive with Jake. I forgot to have them count their eggs but I have a suspicion that JORDAN found more than Jacob did! 

Today I took the boys to the grocery store with me. It was the first time I have gone by myself AND taken the boys in a very long time. Usually Matt and I leave the boys with Grandma and Grandpa and head to the store by ourselves. I'm proud of MYSELF for surviving the trip! Lol. But I am really proud of my boys for being so good. Jacob loved helping pick things out and put them in the cart. After the first store Jordan was having a hard time being in the cart. But overall they did really well and were rewarded with a milkshake from Sonic afterwards (Jake's idea!) 

I'm a very proud and happy mama today. My boys are my joy! 

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